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Nicole Guy
Nicole Guy
The Kindest Goodbye allowed us to say our goodbyes to our beloved dog Koda at home, we had all her family here. The vet that came out was so lovely and made us and Koda feel very at ease, with lots of treats for Koda and she informed us every step of the way. She allowed us to spend time with Koda to say our last goodbyes.
jacqueline Hunt
jacqueline Hunt
This service is perfect. My friend and I have often talked about what we would do if our elderly, big dogs required euthanasia. We are also elderly. This service solved that worry. Dr Bec was so wonderful, kind and professional and attended my home within an hour.
Saying good bye to your fur babies is always hard, but vet Emma Andrews was so gentle and kind. Our boy Terry was at peace with all of us with him including his sisters. Will always be in my ❤️ 💙 💚
John Spithill
John Spithill
Thank you to Dr Emma Andrew and the team at The Kindest Goodbye. Our dog Kipper was 16 and had a heart problem for a number of years and in the last few weeks was noticeably unwell. Dr Emma took us through the procedure beforehand and after making Kipper comfortable we said goodbye. He was so peaceful. Thank you again and I would highly recommend The Kindest Goodbye.
Gordana Calovski
Gordana Calovski
Absolutely amazing, kind and compassionate service. Saying goodbye to our beautiful girl Bronte after spending the last 14 years together was such a painful experience. Dr Sam was so compassionate and caring which made the process easier.
Clare Atherden
Clare Atherden
The whole process of booking an appointment and the support of Dr Emma Andrew made what was a very emotional and difficult time for our family that bit easier. I can highly recommend.
Farewelled my goodest girl Miki with them. The advantage of at-home privacy and comfort made process easier for both family & my girl. Vet explained process as it happened and allowed us some time alone once she passed. Never easy either way but a nice way to do it when time comes. Rest easy my beautiful x
Laura Dunshea
Laura Dunshea
5 stars really aren't enough. Dr. Tarley helping us say goodbye to our precious greyhound made a horrible situation bearable. She included our young dog, gave us advice to help her grieve the brother she's known her whole life, and helped her say goodbye as well. She also gave her lots of cuddles so my wife and I could focus on our boy. We laughed and cried and shared stories together. I've lost many dogs over the course of my life and this has been the most phenomenal 'saying goodbye' experience even though it was definitely the hardest. Even just talking to Dr Tom on the phone to make the appointment was great. His gentleness, sensitivity, and advice was amazing. We will be telling everyone we know, letting your animals go at home where they will know no fear or pain is the only way to do it and the ultimate act of mercy. This experience somehow did justice to the most perfect dog I've ever known, please pass on our love and appreciation to Dr Tarley, we will always be grateful. Rest peacefully, boyo. Your mummies love you more than you'll ever know. We'll look after Sis, don't worry.

Who We Are

The Kindest Goodbye is a network of dedicated and experienced vets providing caring in-home euthanasia services across Australia.

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  • The Kindest Goodbye

    Putting your pet to sleep in the comfort of home, with loved ones by their side and away from the stress of the vet clinic is the kindest goodbye you can give your beloved friend.

  • Experienced Vets

    As a team of pet lovers, we understand what it’s like to love and lose your pet. We believe that your pet’s end-of-life journey should be just as caring, loving and unique as they are.

Our Services

Home Euthanasia

One of our dedicated vets will visit your home to perform your pet’s euthanasia. From the moment of arrival, everything is done to make the process as peaceful and stress-free as possible for them and you, ensuring we can give your beloved pet the kindest goodbye possible.

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Aftercare Services

We offer a wide range of individual cremation options through our crematorium partners. Cremation without the return of ashes is also available, or we can leave your pet in your care if you wish to make your own arrangements.

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Making a Booking

Simply click on the ‘Make a Booking’ button in the site menu and follow the prompts, entering a few details to allow us to prepare for our visit.

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Home Euthanasia

One of our dedicated vets will visit your home to perform your pet’s peaceful euthanasia. Everything is one to ensure your pet’s end-of-life journey is as gentle and stress-free as possible.

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We offer a wide range of after-care options through our crematorium partners. Or if you wish, we can leave your pet in your care to make your own arrangements.

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How much does a home euthanasia cost?


Weekdays (8am-6pm)- $449
After hours (weekends, public holidays and 6pm-8am weekdays)- $599

Our pricing includes the visit itself, sedation prior to euthanasia and the euthanasia process itself.

Private (guaranteed individual) cremation with the return of your pet’s ashes and a selection of memorial options are available at additional cost through our crematorium partners.

Communal cremation is also available for $100 if you do not wish your pet’s ashes to be returned. This price includes transportation to our crematorium partner. Alternatively, we can leave your pet with you to bury at home or make your own cremation arrangements.

Please note that for pets 40kg and over (or where the combined weight of multiple pets is 40kg or over) a $25 surcharge applies.

If we do not have a vet available that services your area, we may be able to arrange for someone from further afield to attend. Please note that in this instance an additional travel fee may be applicable, but this would be discussed with you prior to booking.

On the rare occasion where multiple pets are to be put to sleep during the same visit, additional pets are charged at a rate of $300 each.

How do I pay?


Payment for online home euthanasia bookings is required at the time of booking via credit or debit card. We can also accept cash at the time of our visit or if you require a loan/BNPL provider, we ca also accept payment through TLC, VetPay (though please note a surcharge applies for VetPay)and can also accept ZipPay payments via their virtual credit card functionality. If you would like to utilise these alternative payment methods (including cash), please call us on 1300 799 452 or submit a euthanasia request form to organsie your booking.


What can I expect from a home euthanasia for my pet?


Euthanasia is a very peaceful process. We ensure that everything is done to make your pet’s farewell as smooth and stress-free as possible including offering sedation prior to the euthanasia if desired, placing an intravenous catheter and giving family and loved ones as much time as you need with your pet at each stage of the process.

Choosing a home euthanasia for your pet saves you and them the added stress of travelling in to a vet clinic where they may have had negative experiences in the recent past, and allows you to say farewell in the place they know and love best.

When is the right time to put my pet to sleep?


There are no strict, hard and fast rules around this question and ultimately, the decision must be yours as your pet’s guardian to make, however the following points may help guide your decision-making:

  • You may consider how much of the time your pet is enjoying their life i.e
    Can they no longer do the things they used to enjoy?
    Are they in constant pain?
    Are they constantly feeling nauseous?
    Are they unable to eat or get up to toilet?
  • Do you feel that you might be holding off on putting them to sleep for your own sake rather than theirs? This can be a very difficult question to ask ourselves, but ultimately of course we only want what is best for them.
  • As vets, we have many conversations with the families of pets before and after the process of euthanasia. In all these cases we almost never have a family who expressed after a euthanasia that they had made the decision too early, but sadly the opposite is very often the case.
  • We are blessed to be able to provide our pets with euthanasia as an end of life option. It is a peaceful, gentle and beautiful process that ensures they do not suffer unnecessarily and that we can give them the farewell they deserve embraced in our love.
  • The below Quality of Life Scale may be of assistance in assessing your pets individual situation.

Quality of Life Scale for Pets

What are your operating hours?


We operate from 7am to 11pm 7 days a week, but please note that appointments are subject to the individual availability of the vets servicing your specific area.

Please click on our booking link to request availability in your area.

What areas do you service?


We provide home euthanasia services to most of the Australian population, including the following areas:

Greater Melbourne
Mornington Peninsula
Geelong and surrounding areas
Ballarat and surrounding areas
Colac and surrounding areas

Greater Sydney
Southern Highlands and Wollongong
Central Coast

Greater Brisbane
Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast

Greater Adelaide

Greater Perth

Canberra and surrounding areas of NSW

To see whether we currently have vets available to come to your home, click here and send us an enquiry.

What happens after my pet has been put to sleep?


There are a number of aftercare options available for your pet. If you wish to bury them at home and have the capacity to do so, we can leave them in your care. Otherwise we, or our crematorium partner will take them with us when we leave. If your pet is above 25-35kg in weight, please note that our vets will require assistance in transporting them to their vehicle. If you prefer not to have to assist with this process, please advise at the time of booking and we can organise for our crematorium partner to collect your pet directly from your home (please note that extra charges apply).

If you would like your pet cremated and their ashes returned to you to scatter, bury or keep in a memorial vessel, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. A link to a booking form to allow you to choose your memorial options for your pet will be included in your booking confirmation email. Please note that there is no need to rush your decision – you can take your time to decide on what option you feel would best help you remember and honour your beloved pet.

Should you opt for private cremation for your pet, the typical turanround time for the return of their ashes is 10-12 business days. This period can be shortened to as little as 24 hours should you wish at additional cost.

Alternatively, we can organise for communal cremation for your pet (without the return of their ashes).

What happens if my pet passes away before you arrive?


Should your pet pass away prior to our arrival, we ask that you cancel your appointment through the link in your booking confirmation email or contact us immediately on 1300 799 452. You will not be charged for the euthanasia visit in the instance your pet has passed away prior to our arrival reagrdless of the timing so long as you notifiy us immediately.

If we are organising cremation for you, we may be able to organise for our vet to attend and collect your pet for transfer to our crematorium partner at a cost of $150. If this is not possible, we can organise for for the crematorium to collect from you directly.


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