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We have two methods by which you can book our service. Our instant booking system allows you to view and book available appointments online. Please note however that not all of our vets use this system, so if we are not showing availability for your preferred date and time, it is quite likely we may still be able to assist. In this instance, or if you prefer to submit a request/make an enquiry for a potential appointment, simply click on the ‘Booking Request/Enquiry’ button in the site menu, follow the prompts and we will get back to you ASAP with suitable availability.

If you prefer or are having any difficulties with the booking process, you can also call us on 1300 799 452 and we can assist you over the phone with your booking request.

If you have any general questions about euthanasia for your pet, or would like to discuss your pet’s quality of life, please complete our contact form and one of our caring vets will call you back as soon as possible for a phone consultation free-of-charge.


Peaceful Home Euthanasia

One of our dedicated vets will visit your home to perform your pet’s peaceful euthanasia. Sedation prior to the procedure is available at no additional cost and is highly recommended to help make your pet’s end of life journey as gentle and stress-free as possible.

If you have any special requests for your pet’s euthanasia, you can include this information when making your booking, or discuss with your vet when they arrive at your home. At every stage of the process, we can take as much time as you need.

After your pet has passed, and you feel ready, we will take them with us when we leave to organise their cremation. If you prefer to bury them at home, or make your own cremation arrangements, we will leave them in your care.



We have a variety of aftercare options available. Private* (guaranteed individual) cremation for your pet with the return of their ashes can be organised at additional cost with a wide range of options to choose from. Prices start from $300-485 depending on your pet’s weight. Your booking confirmation email includes a link to enable you to select your preferred options at your convenience.

If you would like to bury your pet at home or make your own cremation arrangements, we will leave them in your care.

Finally, communal cremation (without the return of ashes) is also available for just $140 if this is your preference.

*Unlike some other cremation companies, our crematorium partners cremate all pets booked for private cremation in their own private chamber, not individually by sectioning off with refractory bricks. This guarantees that only your pet’s ashes are returned to you.

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